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What’s our value

PRODUCTION - Own Factory for OEM metal frames and racks

SERVICE - Be your strong support and problem solution

When We Started

Started the business in 2013 with one engineer’s dream. We invested lots from one person to a team, and it will insist on working for the future.

Where We Go

From early beginnings in a small village to industrial area or beyond, we will always here for you.

How We Work

With more than 10 years knowledge, experience, understanding and creative solutions to meet customers’ demands. We’ll follow this simple 5 steps:

1-Listen to your wants.

2-Understand your needs.

3-Recommend and agree on a solution.

4-Execute the plan.

5-Follow up to make sure you’re satisfied.

Why Choose Us

Because we treat EVERY customer as though they are our BEST customer…and because we really want (and appreciate) your business!